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Let’s talk about Typhoon Prapiroon.  At the least, it’s fun to say “Typhoon Prapiroon”.  Here it is 3:20 am and it’s been about 13 hours since I came into the Tracking Center to deal with the severe storms (on what should have been a day off…but to me…it’s a bonus…getting to do weather!).  I visit a lot of websites to follow weather and I have been watching the Western Pacific, where there will be tropical activity.  This is the path of Typhooon Prapiroon, which is forecast to weaken as it passes between Korea and Japan.  The recurving typhoon rule says that 10-14 days after a recurving typhoon, a trough will develop aloft in Eastern North America.   This is a predictive tool, implying that we should stay overall warmer than average for about another week and a half…then temperatures will trend back to average. 

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