Two More Arctic Blasts

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The map above is the NCEP model forecast temperatures for Thu. 7 am Jan. 31.  First, I certainly hope this is overdone.  Second, look at the warming effect of Lake Michigan…temperatures +20 degrees warmer in W. Michigan than in E. Wisconsin.  It would likely be clear in Wisconsin, with lake-effect clouds and snow in Lower Michigan.  

The GFS 16-day plot has the surface temp. at mid-afternoon Fri. 1/25 at +10° in G.R. and +16° on Saturday – that’s the next Arctic shot with the 850 mb (about a mile above the ground) down to -24°C on Friday…BUT the 850 mb temp. is down to -27 on 1/31.  The European has -24° on Fri. and -28.6° on Fri. the 1/31.  So, the Arctic air next week is supposed to be even colder than the cold this week!  

So far this cool season:  October was 0.6° cooler than average in G.R., November was 5.5° colder than average, December was 3.3° warmer than average and so far, January is 1.7° warmer than average, though the cold shots coming will likely erase that by the end of the month.  February will surely start colder than average.  The map above is the latest 8-14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center.  You can see the very high probability of colder than average temperatures east of the Rockies with the core of the cold in the Western Great Lakes. 

Here’s snow cover across the U.S. – 51.3% (over half) of the contiguous U.S. had a snow cover on Tuesday. 

This is the Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for this PM/night (1/23).  There is a Slight to Marginal Risk for severe storms from SE Louisiana to Florida. 

Weather map for today – Wed. 

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