Tropical Storm Idalia is near the island of Bermuda. At 4 am Saturday, the Bermuda Intl. Airport was reporting a north wind at 30 mph with a peak gust of 45 mph. They were getting showers and it was quite muggy, with a dewpoint of 75°.

Bermuda Radar Early Saturday Morning

Above is the Bermuda radar early Saturday morning. You can see the main rain area was northeast of Bermuda.

Weather Observation from Bermuda early Saturday afternoon

This is the 1:55 pm weather observation from the Bermuda International Airport. It was pretty windy – north at 31 mph with a peak gust of 44 mph. The peak gust Saturday morning in Bermuda was 56 mph. They were getting occasional light rain and drizzle. The temperature was 79 and the dewpoint was a very muggy 73. They had a low overcast and a relative humidity of 84%.

Power Outages by state early Saturday morning

Florida has 66,037 customers without power, down from approximately 100,000 at this time yesterday. Georgia is down to 9,351 customers without power. Alaska has had some outages around the Anchorage area and California always seems to have a relatively high number of customers without power.

Power outages in Florida early Saturday morning. You can really see where Hurricane Idalia’s winds were the strongest.

UPDATE: Power outages down to 59,000 in Florida at 1:30 pm Saturday.

cone graphic
Forecast Track of Tropical Storm Idalia – which will move away from Bermuda this Sat. PM and be just a minor depression well offshore of Nova Scotia by the middle of the week.

Peak wind gusts from Hurricane Idalia:

Peak Winds from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Idalia
Rainfall from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Idalia
Heaviest Rainfall Totals from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Idalia
Rainfall in North Carolina from Tropical Storm Idalia
Peak Wind Gusts from Tropical Storm Idalia in North Carolina

Damage along the Florida coast.

Southeast U.S. radar
TBW Radar Loop
Tampa radar
Georgia Radar (VAX)
Tallahassee Radar
SE Satellite Imagery
Satellite Image (from NOAA/NASA

Here’s current Florida weather observations and a surface weather map.

Peak gusts from Idalia in FL: Mayo 86 mph, Perry 85 mph, Bucell Junction 85 mph, Kenton Beach 83 mph, Horseshoe Beach 81 mph, Hamilton Crossing 79 mph, Piney Island NC 71 mph, Madison 70 mph. Valdosta GA 67 mph, Savannah GA 66 mph, Cedar Key FL 64 mph, St. Petersburg FL 59, Tampa FL 58 mph.

A funnel cloud was spotted near Kingsland FL and one woman was injured when caught in a rip current.

Forecast Rainfall from Hurricane Idalia

A band of 5-8″ of rain is expected from northern Florida to coastal North Carolina. This will cause local flooding.

Forecast of total expected rainfall from Sunday Aug. 27 – Saturday night Sept. 3

Here’s the forecast of total expected rainfall over the next week from the Weather Prediction Center. You can see that Hurricane Idalia will produce a large area of heavy rain.

You can also see we have a good chance of seeing little to even no rain this week in West Michigan. Beneficial rain and even some local flooding can be expected in parts of AZ, UT, NM and CO…same story for N Washington State, N. Idaho and NW Montana.

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