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After Breakfast, we drove west to Frozen Head State Park.  There was nothing frozen about the day, which reached up to 90 degrees with a fairly high humidity.  It was partly cloudy, dry and once again the wind was calm much of the day.  The picture above is DeBord Falls.  You hike about 2/3rds mile up the path to get there.  My mother almost made the falls…but she turned back with my sister.  The waterfall is one of several in the park.  While walking the trail, you pretty much had to look down all the time as it was rocky and a bit damp.  I would imagine they get a heavy dew at night here and it’s slow to dry off in the humid air. 

This is a (swallowtail, I think) butterfly on a bee balm (or bergamot) flower.  There were several fairly large bee balm clumps and they were loaded with butterflies (and an occasional bumblebee.  You could put your finger next to the butterfly, but I couldn’t get one to land on my finger. 

Here’s a yellow butterfly on the damp ground.  There was a puddle nearby.  The last time we were here at the park there were dozens of these yellow butterflies.  We also heard a VERY loud woodpecker – looked for it…didn’t see it.  I know the pileated woodpecker is the biggest and they have them at the park. 

There were many beautiful wildflowers, like these growing by the small river that runs through the park.  There was a playground nearby.  There were a few kids splashing in the cool water of the creek.  We had a picnic at one of the nearby tables…sandwiches, chips, salad, melon, cookies and apple juice. 

This pic. is from one of the open areas…You’re looking north at one of the tall hills and at some large cumulus clouds that filled the afternoon sky.  The park has +24,000 acres…it’s pretty big and there are some nice hiking trails and remote campsites.  Everyone we passed hiking said “hi”.  Many of them were walking dogs. 

More pretty flowers at Frozen Head St. Park.  The Visitor’s Center warned of staying hydrated and watching out for some critters in the park.  They do see an occasional bear or snake. 

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