The top map shows where tornadoes have occurred this year in the U.S. Each red dot is a tornado report. Outside of Alaska and Hawaii (no severe weather at all in these two states this year), the only other state that has not recorded a tornado this year has been West Virginia.

You can see that northern Illinois has had a lot of tornadoes this year. In fact, Illinois is the state that has had the most tornadoes this year (135). Second place goes to Alabama with 93, then Colorado with 88 and Texas with 82.

Total Tornadoes-to-date in 2023 – adjusted to account for duplicate reports of the same twister

The graph above is the total number of tornadoes we’ve had through Sept. 20 this year. The number has been adjusted to account for mainly duplicate sightings of the same tornado. The top, red line is the year with the most tornadoes and the lavender line on the bottom is the year with the fewest tornadoes. The green line is an average number of tornadoes. As you can see the adjusted total is 1,114.

We’ve had 75 tornado fatalities so far in 2023. Seventy-Three of those were in Tornado Watches.

Tornado fatalities in 2023 – Circumstances:

In a Home: 13
In Manufactured (Mobile) Home: 46
Outside: 2
In Another Building: 7
In Vehicle: 6
Unknown: 1

2023 Fatalities: 75
2023 Fatalities by State:
MS: 24
TN: 10
AL: 9
TX: 8
IN: 6
MO: 5
AR: 4
IL: 4
OK: 2
DE: 1
GA: 1
MI: 1
Total tornadoes in Michigan so far in 2023

According to the Storm Prediction Center, Michigan has had 19 tornadoes this year. Put an asterisk by the Mackinac “tornado”. A waterspout was widely seen and there are lots of pictures of it, but it’s questionable that it ever came on land and became a tornado.

You can see the red triangle for the Alpine Township tornado and the Colon tornado of July 12. We’ve had one tornado fatality – that from the I-96 Williamston tornado of 8 24 23.

Severe Storm Reports from Thursday 9/21

This map shows severe storm reports from Thursday. You can see as cluster of severe reports in S. Nebraska. A 4″ in diameter hailstone fell near Johnson Lake NE. Wind gusts hit 87 mph in Fritsh TX and 81 mph at Culbertson NE.