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A rare tornado touched down in Arizona on Monday (5/20) about 6 miles south of the town of Moenave in Coconino County. (video at the link)  The twister has not been rated and probably won’t be – hard to tell the strength of the wind when all it did was move around some sagebrush.  It occurred around 9:50 am. 7/10″ hail was reported at Lower Antelope Canyon AZ.  

A little history of Arizona tornadoes:   The state averages 5 tornadoes per year.  Most are small and short-lived.  From 1950-2017, Arizona recorded 246 tornadoes.  There have been only 3 tornado fatalities. Two occurred in East Tucson in August 1964 when an F2 twister touched down.(pic. of that tornado at the link).  Here’s a pic. of the damage in Tucson that day.  A tornado in Tucson in June 1974 resulted in 41 injuries.  The longest a tornado was on the ground in AZ was Oct. 6, 2010, when a twister covered 34 miles in 51 minutes.  Over 100 homes were damaged near Bellemont.  Another tornado had a 32 mile track and was 1/2 mile wide.  That storm also produced 2″ diameter hail.  On Oct. 5-6, 2010 there were 9 tornadoes in Arizona.  Here’s tornadoes in Tucson

High winds also hit part of AZ and southern CA.  Wind gusts hit 58 mph on I-40 near Two Guns and 55 mph at Springerville.  In California, 4 semi trucks were tipped over by strong winds on US 395.  One of them was leaking oil. 

Flagstaff had 0.9″ of snow, an inch fell at the Grand Canyon, where the high temperature was just 34.  2″ of snow fell at Forest Lakes AZ with 3″ at Monds Park and 4″ at Nordic Village. 

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