Tornado Confirmed in Dorr, Michigan – Michigan Has Had More Tornadoes This Year Than Oklahoma

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So far this year, Michigan has had 15 confirmed tornadoes, Oklahoma only 13. The G.R. National Weather Service confirmed a small tornado touched down Wednesday evening near the town of Dorr.

The Tornado was on the ground for only 4 minutes. It moved from west to east at 45 mph. It was 100 yards wide…or as wide as a football field is long. Here’s the write-up from the G.R. National Weather Service Storm Survey:

A barn near the intersection of 140th Avenue and 18th Street southwest of Dorr sustained damage during storms on Aug. 11, 2021. (Don Rewa/ReportIt)

The tornado had winds of 75 mph. Much of West Michigan had wind gusts of 40 to as high as 70 mph as the storms slammed through the area. Over 8″ of rain fell in a couple spots near Lansing.

Check out the tweet that Ellen sent out. She did an AWESOME job tracking the storms Wednesday night.

Nationally, there are 7 states that have had no tornadoes in 2021 (AK, HI, ME, RI, MA, NH, OR). The state that has had the most tornadoes is Texas. Illinois is in 2nd place. There have only been 12 tornado fatalities this year and 11 of those occurred in January-February-March. We have not had a tornado fatality in the U.S since April.

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