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Thursday evening, Gayle and I decided to take a drive. We headed northwest to Dunneback’s to see if we could get a shake. We got there just as they were closing the kitchen, but we got our strawberry shakes. They just started picking the strawberries. This is time to look for fresh Michigan strawberries. I had some for breakfast Thursday AM. We chatted about who got how much rain and what the long-range forecast showed.

Fire at the Meerman Farm 6 10 21

As we left Dunneback’s, we saw some smoke to the west-southwest and decided to check it out. Unfortunately, it was a barn fire at the Meerman Farm. Luke is a state representative. The fire started in or next to the utility room and the barn looked like a total loss. Smoke from the fire could be seen from NW Kent, N. Ottawa and E. Muskegon Counties. I saw fire fighters from Coopersville, Tallmadge Twp. and Allendale. There may have been more. Tough work on a warm, humid evening.

Towering Cumulus and Cumulonimbus in the Distant SE Sky

The cows ignored the fire, the fire trucks and the gawkers and kept on eating grass. Fortunately, no animals were lost in the fire. If you looked to the southeast, you could see the these magnificent towering cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds. Not in all my 70 years have I lost an ounce of the excitement (not too strong a word) at seeing the majesty of a sky like this. Nowadays you can go right to your phone to check radar and see how far away the showers/storms were:

Radar Thursday evening

….and right at I got this radar image. The showers were from far SE Barry County into W. Calhoun, Se Kalamazoo and down into St. Joseph Counties, extending down into LaGrange Co. in Indiana…so looks like at good 50-75 miles distance.

Storm Total Rainfall

This is storm total rainfall estimated from radar as of late Thurs. evening. There was virtually no rain north of I-96. Some of the gray represents trace amounts and some of that probably didn’t reach the ground. Of the places that saw rain…as of 11 pm Thurs….here are some rainfall totals: 2.5″ near North Blendon, Ceresco (Calhoun Co.) 0.45″, Benton Harbor (farm report SE of town) 0.41″, Mendon 0.27″, Coldwater 0.05″, Hastings 0.02″ and Battle Creek 0.02″.

Today (Fri.) we’ll again have a chance of an isolated shower. They’ll be few and far between. It’ll be another warm and humid day.

Sunset 9 pm Port Sheldon Buoy

The water temps. of the lakes are warming up. The Lake Michigan water temp. Thursday was 63 at Muskegon, 65° at Ludington and 65° at the Port Sheldon buoy. This was sunset at the buoy Thursday evening. Inland lake have really warmed up. Reeds Lake in East Gr. Rapids was as warm as 82°, at 3:11 pm Thursday. There was a 6° difference between early morning and mid-late afternoon.

Severe Weather Risk Map for June 11

Here’s the severe weather risk map for this Friday. There’s a Marginal Risk of a severe storm across the lake in Wisconsin…just a risk of an isolated general (not severe) storm in Lower Michigan. The greatest threat of severe weather today will be in the yellow Slight Risk Area in KS and northern OK.

The recent rain has been too spotty to alleviate the drought.

ALSO: Huge sinkhole in Mexico. Almost continuous lightning in N. Dakota. Flooding from the N. Dakota storms. Up to 7″ of rain in N. Virginia. Kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds. Alabama sunset. Death Valley CA has already had 41 days this year above 100 degrees, Palm Springs 22 days. Noctilucent clouds. Tornado-producing supercell. Flooding in France. Tornado – easier to spot with no trees, virtually no rain to obscure the twister. Nice rainbow. Another nice rainbow in Montana. Fog and purple flowers. There’s still some snow in Wyoming. A little snow in Idaho. Waterspout in Mexico. Actinoform clouds. 1st lightning fatality of 2021 reported in New Jersey – a golfer. Very little lightning this year, so fewer lightning fatalities. Calm lake. Sydney, Australia just witnessed it’s coldest day in 37 years! A crescent sun on Fire Island. Neat pic. of the “smiling” solar eclipse. What the eclipse looked like in Chicago. Heavy rain in Arkansas and Mississippi.

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