There’s Still Some Ice in Hudson Bay

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The map above shows the extent of ice in the Northern Hemisphere as of Saturday, August 10. While Arctic ice cover as a whole is below average, it’s interesting to note that there is still some ice in Hudson Bay, more ice than we usually see in the 2nd week of August. Fall freeze-up in this area has been a little earlier than average the past two years.

Canadian Coast Guard passing thru drifting ice in N. Canada in the first week of August

Also, the Canadian Coast Guard announced that there will be SIX new program icebreakers joining their fleet, through the National Shipbuilding Strategy. This means they will have the equipment they need to deliver critical icebreaking services in the Arctic, on the St. Lawrence waterway and on Canada’s East Coast. The icebreakers are active in the summer in Northern Canada. (pic. is CCGS Terry Fox passing through drifting ice in Koojesse Inlet, near Iqaluit. 📷: Frank Reardon.)

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