This is the webcam grab from Mont Ripley in Upper Michigan Monday PM. There’s still a pile of snow there.

Most of Upper Michigan had well above average snowfall this past winter. Marquette has had 26.2″ in May, bringing them to 265.1″ for the season. That’s 68.4″ above average (which is 196.7″). Last winter they had 204.7″ at Marquette. S. Ste. Marie had 161.7″ of snow this past winter. That’s 41.6″ above average. The small town of Herman west of Marquette recorded 48″ of snow in the first week of May, bringing them to 307.5″ for the season. That’s 99.9″ above average. The record season snowfall in Herman is 384.0″ in the winter of 1996-97.

North American Snow and Ice Cover

Here’s North American Snow and Ice Cover. There’s snow in the Western Mountains and in N. Canada (northern Labrador, far northern Quebec and northeast Nunavut.

Ice is starting to break up in northern Hudson Bay. Looks like there is ice on Lake Nipigon, north of Lake Superior, but if that’s still the case, it should be gone very soon.

View from Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone N.P.
Mt. Rainier National Park – in the clouds today – lots of snow on the ground