There’s Still Snow in Michigan on June 6

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The pic. above is from this evening, June 5, 2019.  The pic. below is from Sunday June 2, 2019.  Houghton had a low temperature of 32° this (Mon.) AM. 

There’s still a few patches of snow.  There is still snow on the “Laurium Glacier“.  If someone catches when the Laurium Glacier is gone, let me know ( and I’ll post that.  I know there’s a contest every year to guess which day the snow is finally gone.  I believe that’s all natural snowdrift.  

This area really had a cold and snowy winter (and spring!).  May was 5.7° colder than average at Marquette and Marquette is 4.2° colder than average for the year so far.  Since last September they are 3.5° colder than average.  This winter the first ice formed on Lake Superior on Nov. 15.  Maximum ice was 95% coverage on Mar. 8 and the first day with no ice on the lake was May 16.  The mid-lake water temperature Sunday (6/2) was just 35.6°.

Marquette has had 22.45″ of precipitation this year so far and that’s a whopping 8.6″ above average!  No wonder the water level of Lake Superior has shot up and is now at a record high level. Marquette had 227.6″ of snow this winter.  The Houghton Airport reported 354.1″.  The record for snow in the U.P. is 390.4″ in the winter of 1978-79 at Delaware in the Keweenaw Peninsula.  Delaware is an old mining town.  There are only two old buildings left of what was a thriving town.  

Here’s North American snow and ice cover:

There’s a little open water now on the west side of Hudson Bay.  The snow is melting in Labrador and N. Quebec (though many lakes are still frozen over.  There’s snow left in Nunavut and part of the Northwest Territories.  Part of Great Bear Lake still has an ice cover and (out of the picture) Great Slave Lake is still totally ice covered. 

Barrow Webcam

This is the Barrow AK (Utqiaġvik now) webcam.  This is the land of the midnight sun and you can see daylight here 24 hours a day until the first week of August.  The Arctic Ocean here is still covered in ice.  The high temperature yesterday here at Barrow was 33°.  They did reach 38° once in May, but the last time the temperture was above 50° was last July 30th. 

And…here’s the Sunday evening view of the Kahilna Glacier in Alaska.  If you’d like a little winter in summer, this is the place to be. 

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