The Tragedy at Lytton, British Columbia

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Lytton, British Columbia before and after Wednesday’s wildfire

Lytton, British Columbia is (was) a small community of about 250 residents located about 160 miles northeast of Vancouver. On Sunday, the weather station there set a new highest ever reading for the country of Canada with a high of 116F. On Monday, they exceeded that with a high of 118F. On Tuesday, they exceeded that with a high of 121F.

The community pool was closed due to a technical problem. Not all residents have air conditioning. It was a struggle to stay cool.

Wednesday, 90% of the town was destroyed by a wildfire. The pictures (from a member of the Chilliwack Fire Dept.) show the town before (on the left) and after the wildfire. The town mayor said that flames roared through the town in about 15 minutes. The ambulance station and the Mounted Police Station was victims of the wildfire. Two fatalities have been reported with this fire.

Fire clouds spark 710,117 lightning strikes in western Canada in 15 hours. Incredible satellite view of the erupting wildfires in British Columbia.

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