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I was out at Crockery Lake with my kayak and I came across this little tractor out in the lake. It’s small, but still, I wouldn’t want someone water skiing or tubing to fall and land on the floating plastic toy. So, I picked it up. On the chance that someone (maybe the owner) would be interested in claiming the tractor, I set it at the boat launch at the base of the right pillar of the Crockery Lake sign.

Calm water of Crockery Lake 9/30/21

This is what the lake looked like when I started my trip around the lake…flat calm. You could see a fish jump out of the water and you could follow the ripples all the way to shore. Later, several pontoons and a couple of other kayakers stirred the water a bit. I saw at least 2 blue herons (I saw 3 fly away, but I thought I had chased one of them already), what looked like a flying crane in the distance, a turtle, ducks and geese (flying overhead). I stopped at the County Park and for a time, I was the only one there in the park. There were lots of pine cones and acorns there at the park.

Friday, Grand Rapids had a high temperature of 79°. That was 11° above the average high of 68°, but still 10° lower than the record high of 89° for Oct. 1. We’ll see increasing cloudiness later today. A shower could develop in the PM. Scattered showers are likely on Sunday.

Also: Seven Mysterious Sounds Science Has Yet to Solve. Strong storm moves into southern Alaska. Double waterspouts with one moving on land in Aruba. Zebras on the loose (not weather related, but I thought it was interesting).

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