The Still-Frozen North

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There is still snow and ice in N. Canada.  While the weather has been warmer the past couple weeks…the very cold spring in N. Quebec and N. Labrador has left some snow on the ground here in the first week of July.  The ice on Hudson Bay is slowly melting, but the bay is still mostly ice covered.

Here’s another view of the snow and ice in the Arctic.  There is still a little ice left on Great Bear Lake and inland lakes northwest of Hudson Bay are still frozen.  Barrow (Utqiaġvik) had a high of 41 yesterday.  The average high at Barrow in July is 47. 

This is a record of temperature in 2018 compared to average (the green line).  This is from the Danish Meteorological Institute.  You can see that temperatures will well above average during the winter and above north in early spring.  Since May, the temperature has been near to slightly cooler than average.  This has been a trend of late…warmer in winter and near average in summer.  Keep in mind that well above average in winter is still well below freezing, with no ice melting. 

Check out the hailstorm in Wyoming.  Here’s another pic. of the hailThere is still some snow left on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire

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