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So…we (wife, me and friend visiting from Australia) leave Tennessee driving north early Weds. afternoon. We pass the build-up around Cincinnati and Dayton. Getting late, too late, around 9:30 pm (“My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim. I had to stop for the night. “)…we pick a town and start looking for a room No rooms…everyone is full. Wait…one motel has two rooms left…so we take them. Hey, they say, they have a pool.

I kid you not…this was the pool! It’s was small, above ground, older-than-disco, sitting on decades old pavement. It’s a uniform about 3-foot deep. There was a ladder, but it was quite a distance away. Notice, there must have been a sale on duct tape.

chicken at the pool at the motel

The best part was the inflatable chicken! I can’t remember the last time I got to swim with an inflatable chicken. It took up about 1/5th of the pool. It also didn’t look too happy. I watched out the window as a young employee came with a plastic bag of yellow-something and shook it into the pool water. I was hoping it was chicken feed. Note the chicken appeared to have a couple of crossing band-aids behind its right eye. There were 3 tiki lights and a nearby grill that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since the Lions last won a playoff game.

Hall at the motel

This was a hall of the motel. I’m hoping this part of hotel was not in use. No carpet, just a cement floor.

This was behind the door going into the laundry

This was the wall disintegrating behind the door to the laundry area. BTW, what is it with pillows these days? The motel room had two queen beds and 8 pillows. I’ve noted that in recent years, we seem to have doubled the number of pillows in motel rooms.

The sidewalk at the motel

This was the crumbling sidewalk on the side of the motel. Everything was really old here (me included). At the top of the stairs to the 2nd floor, you had to open a door outward to get in and when you opened the door, you almost had to step down a step because there was no room. There was bath soap and facial soap, but they seemed exactly the same. The bath soap seemed to make the tub slippery…so I got out quickly and carefully. I didn’t take the dare to look under the sofa (also old and hard). There was an envelope where you could leave a tip for the maid…who turned out to be an old guy. They did have breakfast in the AM – no milk, so I had water on my corn flakes. On the good side, the people there were friendly and the bathroom was reasonably clean.

We’re home briefly tonight, but driving to Traverse City to have dinner with daughter #3 and her family. I’m back to work on Sunday.

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