Thanksgiving Weather in West Michigan

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The G.R. National Weather Service sent out this graphic of historical weather here in G.R. on Thanksgiving Day.  The average high/low temperature for Thanksgiving Day is 44°/30°.  So, tomorrow’s forecast high temperature is the average low temperature for the date.  With the average temperature still well above freezing, it’s more likely that we don’t have snow on the ground on Thanksgiving Day.  Cloudy or mostly cloudy Thanksgiving Days are much more common than sunny Thanksgiving Days in the Great Lakes.  The sun is shining only about 25% of the time on Thanksgiving Day in West Michigan.

Most of us have Thanksgiving memories.  I remember one year when the family ordered a big, fresh turkey.  It was pretty much too big for the refrigerator, so we put it in the attached garage.  It’ll be cool in the garage.   Unfortunately, the temperature early Thursday AM dipped to about 15° and when we got up Thanksgiving morning, the turkey was frozen solid, as hard as a bowling ball.  Needless to say, Thanksgiving dinner was delayed several hours. 

Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone from Storm Team 8. 

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