The pic. above is from the Michigan City, Indiana lighthouse, taken yesterday at 9:34 am CDT. Look how calm the water of Lake Michigan is…the wind at the lighthouse weather station at 10 am was just 1.2 mph.

Hourly Weather Observations at the Michigan City IN lighthouse

Here’s a record of the hourly weather observations at the lighthouse for Weds. 5/11 evening. At 6 pm (1800 hours), the temperature was 61.0 and the wind was northeast coming off the cold water of Lake Michigan. The South Haven MI buoy was showing a water temperature of 48.2°.

Between 6 pm and 7 pm, the wind shifted to the southeast and was now coming off the warm land. By 7 pm, the temperature had risen to 87.6°. That’s a jump of 26.6° in one hour.

The opposite happened yesterday at the airport in Traverse City, Michigan, where the temperature fell 31 in just 10 minutes.