Temperature Oddities at Lake Michigan

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The Muskegon Channel Camera (from NOAA Coastwatch) caught the ship “Integrity” leaving the Muskegon Channel.  This is a cement barge.  It’s 460 feet long (more than 1 1/2 times the length of a football field) and can hold 14,000 tons.  Here’s another pic. of the ship.  If you’d like to follow the ships on the Great Lakes, go here

At the Muskegon Channel, the high temperature today was 73.6° at 11 am when the wind was still coming off the land.  Then the wind shifted to come off Lake Michigan.  The temperature was down to 68.2° at noon and 63.0° by 1 pm.

The pic. above was about 15 min. before sunset.  Outside of the wake from boats, the lake was pretty calm.  Below is a sunset pic. from the Port Sheldon Buoy:

Here at the buoy the wind was just 2 mph and waves were 3-4 inches.  The water temp. here (several miles offshore) was 64.8° – a little warmer than at the beaches. 

Here’s the South Haven Buoy Cam shortly after 9 pm.  Here the wind was just 1 mph and waves were running 3-4 inches.  The water temp. was 64.6°

This is the Chicago water intake (Harrison-Dever Crib) about 2.75 miles east of downtown Chicago.  Much of the day you couldn’t see anything on this camera due to the fog, but the fog did break apart long enough for me to grab this shot.  Here the wind didn’t change direction much, but it did go up and down in speed.  At 1 pm, the temperature here was 67.3° and the wind was 14 mph.  The next hour, the wind had dropped to just 2 mph and the temperature dropped to 62.6°.  The water temperature at the nearby Wilmette buoy was 56.5°.  As the wind died down, a colder layer of air formed just above the water and that’s why the temp. dropped.  At 10 pm, the Wilmette buoy had a wind of 0.0 mph (totally calm). 

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