Sure, We Could Still Get Significant Lake-Effect Snow

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The map above shows satellite-derived water temperatures of Lake Michigan. This data is from Monday, Dec. 20. Focus on the white (mainly western) part of the lake where skies were clear.

Satellite picture of Southern Lake Michigan late Monday AM 12/20

Here’s a satellite pic. to go along with the satellite-derived temperature map. You can see where it was cloudy and where the satellite had a clear view of the water. Arctic air coming over that water would have the possibility of generating some decent lake-effect snow. Keep in mind that the temperature difference between the lake and the air above the lake is one of a handful of factors that determine if and how much lake-effect snow may occur.

Okay – back to the first map. Look at the water temperatures. A lot of the numbers are around 42° – 43°. That’s pretty warm for Christmas week.

Ice Cover on the Great Lakes 12 21 21

Here’s ice cover on the Great Lakes Tuesday PM. Not much. The actual % of ice cover on Lake Superior is 1.03% – mostly in Black Bay and Nipigon Bay and for Lake Michigan it’s 0.88% – mostly in Green Bay. So, the lake is “open for (lake-effect snow) business”. Under the right conditions, West Michigan could still get some significant lake-effect snowfall. However, I don’t see that coming for awhile yet.

Bittersweet Ski Area had their snow-making going great (snow) guns early Wednesday morning. You can see they had some snow to begin with and they’ll be able to keep the snow-making going well into the morning. Northern MI ski resorts have some fresh natural snow. Petoskey had 4.5″ of new snow and S. Ste. Marie had another 6.1″. The colder air was getting closer. Marquette had a high temp. of 17 on Tue. and Ironwood just 14.

Snow on the ground: 24″ Grand Marais (9″ new snow), 22″ Painesdale (11.2″ new snow), 18″ Herman (8.0″ new snow), 17″ Munising (6″ new snow), 13″ Hancock, 12″ Kearsarge, S. Ste. Marie, 10″ Champion, 8″ Manistique, 7″ Marquette, 6″ Amasa, Norway, Jacobsville, Watton, Michigamme, 5″ Arnold, Paulding, Garden Corners, Newberry and 9 mi. SSW of Gaylord, 4″ Ironwood, Watersmeet, Chatham, Harvey, Detour Village, Petoskey, 3″ Escanaba, St. Ignace, Vanderbilt, 2″ E. Jordan, Charlevoix, 1″ Lansing, Alpena, Cadillac, Atlanta, Fife Lake, Gaylord, Traverse City, Mio, Lake City and Hale Loud Dam…just a trace in Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

Travel Impact Map for the next 36 hours

This map shows travel impacts over the next 36 hours. Snow has left roads slippery in Maine and N. Michigan. There’s heavy snow in the Western Mountains and rain with wet roads (minor impacts) at lower elevations. It’s a nice time to drive across the Southern U.S.

No kidding…Grand Rapids gets 2 seconds more daylight today than we did yesterday (Tue.).

Tornado in Fort Myers, Florida Tue. AM

There was an EF1 tornado in Fort Myers, Florida Tuesday at 6:25 am. One injury as tornado passed through residential area. Venice FL had a gust to 63 mph.

ALSO: As of Dec. 21, there have been 181 consecutive days without measurable snow in Chicago. Nine more days are needed to tie and 10 would break the record. Sunrise in Kent (England)…wait…and the end of the video…is that a…reindeer? Raining in Central California. From Dr. Ryan Maue: “Gazprom apparently sent little gas westward over weekend to Germany, and none on Tuesday. Very cold conditions in Russia prioritized domestic consumption. Temperatures -12°F in Moscow, well below normal for 10-days+”. Time lapse of the sun on the Winter Solstice at Fairbanks AK just south of the Arctic Circle. Look at the 70s on Christmas Day across the Southern U.S. Winter in Yosemite N.P. Sunset at Valdez, Alaska. Magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Alaska. The frozen flatland of N. Dakota. Avalanche in Bulgaria. Sunny day outside of Aspen, Colorado. One of the most northerly towns on Planet Earth (Qaanaaq, Greenland) at latitude 77.3N rose to a staggering +8.3°C Tuesday PM. It’s been a wet year in the South. African sandstorm. Snow in Florida, 32 years ago today.

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