Sunniest June ever?

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So far, we’ve had 87% of possible sunshine in the month of June. Eight of the first 15 days of the month have had over 90% sunshine. The sunniest June we’ve ever had was 85% in 1963.

We’ve had 1.6″ of rain this month, 0.2″ below average. We have had some strong winds in thunderstorms. At the Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, we had gusts to 56 mph on the 2nd, 49 mph on the 10th and 48 mph on the 11th.

The month is 0.7 deg. warmer than average so far. The warmest day, 93 on the 9th, was warmer than any day we had in 2019. The coolest this month has been 42 on the 1st and the 14th.

As of 2:30 am Tuesday, Consumers Energy is down to 121 customers without power – there were still 57 without power in Branch Co. and 13 in Calhoun Co.

The lake breeze kicked in on Monday. At noon the temperature at Holland St. Park was 67.3°. Then the wind went west off the cool water and the temperature dropped to 60.1° at 12:12 pm.

Today, we have the earliest sunrise of the year at 6:03 am. The run rises at 56° from due north, due northeast is 45° and due east is 90°, so the sun rises in the northeast, climbs to an angle of 70° above the southern horizon at solar noon, which is at 1:43 pm and then sets at 9:24 pm.

Southwest U.S. satellite pic.

Here’s a SW U.S. satellite pic. from Monday PM. There are thunderstorms over the mountains in New Mexico extending down into Mexico. You can see the smoke from 3 wildfires – two in AZ and one in SW Colorado. The status clouds are over the cooler ocean water west of the Baja Peninsula.

ALSO: Pellston had a freeze Monday AM with a record low temp. of 31°. Double rainbow and lightning. Wilmington NC had 5.9″ of rain from Friday thru Monday. Significant flooding in China. Montana rainbow. Florida sunset. Excellent example of the wind changing direction with height. 2nd largest volcano of the 20th century. Developing La Nina. UK funnel cloud.

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