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Tuesday was the sunniest day in over a month.  It was only the 3rd day since Oct. 23rd with more than 60% sunshine.

We had 92% sunshine Tuesday, the most on a single day since Nov. 14.  The last 3 days have had 35%, 70% and now 92% sunshine.  That’s the 3 sunniest back-to-back-to-back days since October. 

The sun was shining in Chicago today…there was a bit of a haze in the air.  Look on the left side of this picture (from the Chicago Water Intake) and you’ll see a boat out on the water. 

This was sunset in Chicago.  Some interesting high clouds passing by.  Despite the sunny stretch we’ve had the past couple of days, we are still at only 12% of possible sunshine since Nov. 1. 

This was the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Tues. PM.  It came with a stripe across it – sorry about that.  You can see some clouds out over Lake Michigan and also ini the center part of the Lower Peninsula. 

This was sunset at Alpena Tue. evening.  Alpena is farther north and get s 15 minutes less daylight than Grand Rapids at this time of year. 

One more pic. of the sunset – this fromi our GVSU Skycam at Muskegon Lake.  Today (Weds.) the sun is 91,453,000 miles from the Earth.  The sun is closest to the Earth in late December and early January.  Grand Rapids gets a total of 9 hours and 42 seconds of daylight on Weds., 9 hours and 34 seconds of daylight on Thursday and we bottom out at 9 hours and 31 seconds on Friday – the Winter Solstice.  We gain a whopping one second of daylight on Saturday.  Solar noon, when the sun is highest in the sky, comes at 12:39 pm this Wednesday – at that time the sun is only 23.7 deg. above the southern horizon. 

Also:  Some BIG wavesHouston sticks up out of the fog

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