You’re heard of a telethon – this is a sunathon! Over the last 4 days, we’ve had 99% of possible sunshine and over the last 10 days, we’ve had 90% of possible sunshine. This comes at the time when we have the greatest amount of daylight at the Summer Solstice. The last time we had 3 consecutive days with 100% sunshine was June 6-8, 2020.

It’s not only been sunny – it’s been dry. Grand Rapids hasn’t had a drop of rain in 8 days and going back 29 days (more than 4 weeks), we’ve had just 0.86″ of rain in G.R. – that’s just 23% of average rainfall. The area along I-94 has had more than that – but we could use some rain.

Our best and perhaps only chance of rain thru daytime Tuesday is Saturday night. A front will be approaching from the west. Friday it brought a lot of severe weather to the Upper Midwest.

Storm Reports for Friday, June 24

Here’s storm reports from Friday. There were 5 relatively small tornadoes in ND and MN. Tennis ball-sized hail fell in S. Dakota and there was an 88 mph wind gust recorded east of Grand Forks ND. There were also a dozen reports of wind damage in N. Florida and S. Georgia.

Severe Weather Risk Map for Saturday 6/25

Here’s the Severe Weather Outlook Map for this Saturday 6/25 – There is a Marginal Risk from Chicago to the Texas Panhandle for isolated hail and wind damage. We have a risk of a non-severe thunderstorm Saturday night. Also note the chance of a thunderstorm over much of the Southwest. Some places in the Southwest are starting to get some much needed rain. Albuquerque NM has had 1.39″ of rain so far this month, more than three times their average-to-date of 0.40″.

Also – We’re halfway to Christmas Day – six months away. Strange pyramid cloud. Lightning and a rainbow. Pretty sunrise with a layer of fog in Wales (U.K.). Sun setting into a smoke plume. Remembering the 1980 heat wave – also several derechos in the northern U.S. and that was the year of the Mt. St. Helens volcano exploding. Ka-Boom! Pretty Colorado rainbow. Drought in N. Italy. Possible tropical storm in the Caribbean next week. Nice view from the top of Pump Peak in Canada – look at the snow.