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Michigan strawberries are late this year due to the cool weather we’ve had this year (every month in 2019 has been cooler than average).  We’ve had few warm days and the soil temperatures have stayed cool.  This is actually one of the latest starts to the strawberry harvest that I can remember.  The crop still looks good.  Check this link to find a U-Pick strawberry field nearby.  Fruit growers report damage to some peach trees from the cold this winter (polar vortex), but cherries and apples look good.  Harvest may be a little later this year.  One farmer told me that “we may be picking into the first week of November”. 

The graph above shows corn planted in Michigan as of June 9 – compared to average and last year.  You can see we’re way behind, due to the cool, wet weather.  We’re at 33% corn emerged, compared to an average of 83% – big dirfference.

Same story for soybeans planted.  Soybeans emerged is at 23% compared to the 5-year average of 68%.  Farmers report 0% of topsoil is very short of moisture, 1% short, 37% is adequate and 62% have surplus moisture.

Here’s the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Tue. PM.  Lots of welcome sunshine, some puffy cumulus clouds and some rather thin high clouds in Wisconsin and N. Illinois.  The picture shows solid and dark green over the forested areas – from Newaygo Co. north.  However, there are still a lot of fields that are still a tan/gray where crops have not emerged yet. 

Here’s a satellite picture of the whole Great Lakes.  You can see what looks like a red lake in Upper Michigan.  That’s from a couple of iron mines (good info. at the link). 

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