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Moosonee, Ontario is a town in northern Ontario, located about 375 miles north of Sault Ste. Marie.  You can get there by plane or by train…the Polar Bear Express – though the track washed out a couple of years ago in a flood and they have worked to rebuild it.  The town has roughly 1,725 residents – which makes it less than 1/2 the size of Cedar Spring MI.  There are 2 elementary schools (one public and one Catholic) and one public high school. 

The reason I thought of Moosonee is I saw the plot of 94° on the high temp. map from Wednesday.  I checked Weather Underground and they list a high temp. of 91°.  According to Wikipedia, the warmest they have ever been in May is 95°.  Can’t verify this…but no doubt it was hot there.  Moosonee is on the Moose River, about 12 miles southwest of James Bay (which is is still covered in ice).  I always check the high temps. at Moosinee in late spring, because they get some wild temperature swings…as the wind shifts from northeast off the ice to southwest, where they get warming downslope winds.

On May 6th, they had a high temp. of 37°…the next day the high was 69° and the following day it was 48°.  On May 12th, the high was 37°…the next day they reached 71° and on the 14th, the high was 50°.  Finally, on the 23rd, the high temperature was 39°.  The next day the high was 86° – that’s a rise of 47° degrees!  On the 25th, they were back to 51°.  They had snowfall on 12 of the first 19 days of May this year.

The hottest ever (again according to Wikipedia) was 100° and the coldest was -56°F.  The average high temp. in July is 73° and the average high in January is +7°. They average 227″ of snow in the winter, with the snowiest time of year November and early December before the bay freezes.  

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