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You’ll have to click on the pic. to enlarge to get the full effect.  This pic. is from the camera at Newfound Gap in the Smoky Mountains, which straddle the Tennessee-North Carolina border.  BTW – a gap is a lower spot in a mountain range and/or a spot where a road or trail crossed the mountain.  Newfound Gap is at 5,046 ft. (nearly a mile) above sea level – you climb over 3,000 feet and travel about 17 miles to reach the top to the east from Gatlinburg TN or west from Cherokee NC.  The weather at the gap is often similar to West Michigan.  It’s typically 10 degrees cooler than in the valleys and the gap averages 69″ of snow in the winter. 

This map shows snow totals.  The most snow was a whopping 34″ at Buswick NC.  Fleetwood NC had 25″.  Some big cities got a lot of snow:  11.5″ Richmond VA, 11″ Raleigh NC, 14″ Durham NC, 14.5″ Winston Salem, 12.8″ Greensburo.  In S. Carolina, Inman had 11.9″, Kingsport TN had 12″, Sky Valley GA had 8″, Lubbock TX recorded 10.5″.   Rainfall was impressive:  7.96″ at Richmond TX, 7.88″ at Bunker Hill TX, 4.66″ at El Dorado AR, 3.46 at Mobile AL.  The storm produced up to 1/2″ of freezing rain, up to 4″ of sleet and a peak wind gust of 70 mph at Oracoke Lighthouse NC.  Here’s a complete list of snowfall and rainfall totals

The Weather Channel started naming inland storm systems – I tend to avoid names, except for hurricanes and tropical storms.  Also, I think the area that saw this storm will be in the storm track for a good portion of the winter…so don’t be surprised if you more snow (and rain) storms go across the mid-South over the next few months. 

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