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 The top pic. is Crater Lake, Oregon.  Lots of snow left here at a place that averages 505″ of snow during the long winter.  Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, more than twice as deep as Lake Michigan and more than 9 times deeper than Lake Erie.  It’s the 9th deepest lake in the world and it has the 3rd deepest average depth at 1,148 feet.  The lake is a deep blue and the water very clear.  No rivers flow in or out of the lake, with the water level balanced by evaporation and snow melting around the lake. There were no natural fish in the lake, but fish were stocked starting in the late 1800s.  

Snowfall averages 505 inches (12.83 m) per year and the average maximum snow depth is 139 inches or 3.53 meters. This snow doesn’t usually melt until mid-July. In the winter of 1949/1950 as much as 885.1 inches (22.48 m) of snow fell, while the less complete snow cover records show cover as high as 192 inches or 4.88 meters occurred during another particularly unsettled winter in 1981/1982.  The heaviest daily snowfall was 37.0 inches (94.0 cm), which occurred on February 28, 1971; 20 in (51 cm) or more in one storm has occurred in both June and September. Hard frost is possible even in mid-summer, and the average window for freezing temperatures is August 19 through July 7, while for measurable (≥0.1 inches or 0.25 centimeters) snowfall, October 1 through June 15.

This is snow falling in Yellowstone National Park.  West Yellowstone had a low temp. of +10 Weds. AM.  In an average year, measureable snow will fall in every month except July and August. 

This is Chandalar, Alaska Weds. evening.  Alaska is a big place, 665,384 square miles.  That’s nearly 7 times bigger than Michigan.  Alaska has a population of 739,795 – which is fewer people than live in Fort Worth, Texas.  About 40% of Alaska’s population lives in Anchorage. 

One more picture from Alaska – this is the FAA camera at Hyder.  The snow has melted at lower elevations, but remains at the higher elevations.  Hyder has a population of 87, down from 97 in 2000.  There is one person of Hispanic decent.  The town is only accessible from Canada.  There is a volunteer EMS. During an Independence Day fireworks display, the organizers accidentally burned down their fire hall with the fire engine inside.  Now, if fire services are necessry, they call Stewart, Canada.  

This is the Trail Cam from Michigan Tech. in Upper Michigan.  There’s plenty of snow for cross-country skiing. 

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