Some good news from Maui, Hawaii. The official list of unaccounted people in the Lahaina Wildfire has shrunk down to 66. In addition to this list, there are 80 additional names of potentially missing people that the FBI is vetting for credibility. In these cases, In those cases, no information was provided for the reporting party or the reporting party was not available to provide further details. Last week the official list contained 388 names. So, down to 66 is a drop of 82%.

(from KHON2 in Honolulu) The Maui Police Department and the FBI have released a third updated credible list of 66 unaccounted individuals in August’s Lahaina fire.

Initially, there were over 3,200 individuals on several different unaccounted lists. The FBI vetted reports and were able to remove 2,696 who were found safe.

A second list, released on Sept. 1, noted 385 names, of which 235 were found safe and were removed. Fifty-three individuals from that list remain on the updated list released Friday (Sept. 8). The official death toll remains at 115. Half of the deceased have not been identified and at least some of those people are going to be names on the unaccounted list. Governor Green said he did not expect the death toll to rise significantly.

Travel restrictions for West Maui are currently expected to end on October 8. Tens of millions of dollars have been pledged for relief and rebuilding efforts. The governor of Hawaii said the government is also making $25 million available to help businesses survive, distributed in grants of $10,000 to $20,000, he said. Authorities will soon escort residents on visits to their property. Damage from the fire is estimated to be around 5.5 billion dollars.

Nearly 16,000 people have filed for relief from FEMA. Approximately 7,500 people have been displaced by the fire.