Snowplow Breaks Windshield

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This has happened before.  it’s a matter of bad timing.  In this case, Kevin Hoffer was in his SUV going down US 131 in Kalamazoo MI.  The plow was on the Michigan Avenue overpass and push the snow down on US 131.  Unfortunately, the heavy snow and ice hit Kevin’s windshield and it cracked big time.  

Here’s video of snow from a plow pushing snow on a windshield below on I-81.  Here’s another example (BTW music is Westfield Massacre – Underneath The Skin).  Here’s tips on how to plow snow on a bridge or overpass.  Snow weighs about 12 pounds per cubic foot (but varies greatly – dry, powdery snow to wet heavy slush).  Here’s a summary of an injury-causing accident when a plow pushed snow onto an SUV below causing a broken windshield and an injury to the driver (note – this is from a trial lawyer’s website). 

Check this out…a bridge collapsed on January 15, 2012 on the Shore Road in Three Brooks NS (Canada). The structure was about 100 years old and fell into the water around 10pm just as a DOT plow truck was coming off the bridge. The truck managed to make it off the bridge safely before it went down but damaged it’s wing when it struck the beam at the end of the bridge.  It was scary enough, but this happened ini the dark of night…then they had to quickly get help to block the bridge before another vehicle came along. 

Kalamazoo had 6″ of new snow Monday – and they are up to 16.6″ for the month – an early start to winter. 

Here’s some heavy-duty snow clearing

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