Snow on the First Full Day of Summer

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The pic. above is a screen grab from the webcam at Longmire in Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State. This was taken late Monday afternoon (June 21 – the first full day of summer). In the background you can see Mount Rainier, covered in snow. On the far right are some hikers. Nearby Mount Baker had a season snowfall of 704″ – that’s more than 58 1/2 feet! It takes a long time to melt through all that snow.

North American Snow and Ice Cover

Here’s North American snow and ice cover on Monday. Some mountains out west still have some snow on the ground. Hudson Bay is still about 2/3rds ice covered, Big Bear Lake still has ice cover as well as many of the smaller lakes northwest of Hudson Bay. Far northern Canada is still snow-covered.

Snow and Ice Cover in the Arctic

Here’s a view of the Arctic. Most of the Arctic Ocean is ice covered, with the ice hugging the shore of NE Alaska.

Weather at the South Pole early Tuesday

Check out the weather at the South Pole, where it’s the first official week of winter. That’s a temperature of -71F and a wind chill factor of -95F.

Consumers Energy Outages – Early AM 6 22 21 Tuesday

As of shortly after midnight 6/22 – There were still 35.201 customers without power in Michigan – the most of any state in the U.S. These are almost all from the severe storms we had Sunday evening. There were 26,829 DTE customers without power in SE Michigan. Consumers Energy reported 6,683 customers without power, with many of them in the counties that border Indiana and Ohio. Quite a few places in these border counties reported 50-65 mph wind gusts. Indiana Michigan power in SW Michigan was down to just 412 customers without power.

Severe Storm Reports from Monday 6 21 21

Here’s the map showing severe storm reports from the Storm Prediction Center for Monday 6 21 21. Only one small, inconsequential tornado along the sea breeze in S. Louisiana…but LOTS of reports of strong wind gusts and wind damage from Maine to Mississippi – 414 wind damage reports as of 12:30 am Tuesday. At one point there were 8 severe thunderstorm watches in effect Monday afternoon.

Accumulated Rainfall for the past 7 Days

Here’s Accumulated Rainfall for the past 7 days. A few spots in Van Buren, Kalamazoo and Calhoun Counties had 4-6″ of rain. This was a dry area that needed rain. Note there was much less rain across northern Michigan. As of early Tue. AM – the Kalamazoo River at Marshall had a flow of 571 cubic feet per second, compared to an average flow of 290 cfs – that’s almost double average flow – but the good news is the river was low and double average flow won’t cause any problems. At Comstock, the Kalamazoo River shows a flow of 1220 cfs, compared to an average flow of 793 cfs – or 154% of average flow. The Grand River at Portland has a flow of 1,040 cfs compared to an average flow of 695 cfs or 150% of average flow – not a problem. Wind damage in Lawton MI. There were 2 EF1 tornadoes in N. Indiana and one in Lenawee Co. Michigan.

Here’s a loop of the Sunday storms along with the warnings issued.

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