The next 2 days look dry with high temperatures in the low-mid 40s. Today won’t be as sunny as yesterday (we had 100% sunshine on Tue.), but we can still call it partly sunny.

Thursday night and Friday we have a pretty good chance of snow. The map above from the Weather Prediction Center shows the percent chance of 4″ of snow on Friday. As of now they have the probability at +70% over part of central Lower Michigan (red area on the map). That’s surrounded by a 40-70% area (in dark green on the map). Looks like we may be shoveling snow on Friday and possibly a slippery commute Friday morning.

The next system will likely bring us some snow Sunday night into Monday.

ALSO: Six of the last seven days have had high temperatures of 40 degrees or warmer. Fourteen of the last 18 days have been warmer than average.

Full Moon of March 7-8, 2023 from James Amsler

The past couple nights we’ve been enjoying the full moon. This full moon is called the “Worm Moon”. Here in early March, the Big Dipper rises as high in the northeast as Cassiopeia has descended to in the northwest. Midway between them, as always, is Polaris, the North Star. Follow the curve of the Big Dipper’s handle down and around, by a little more than a Dipper-length, to find Arcturus, the bright Spring Star. Or the place where it’s about to rise. Arcturus comes up fairly soon after dark now. Orion (the hunter) is still prominent in the late winter sky.

Venus and Jupiter continue to move farther apart in the western evening twilight. Venus is the brighter of the two.