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The map above is U.S. snowcover early Sunday AM.  You can see the swath of snow that fell from NE Iowa across far S. Wisconsin and for N. Illnois into SW Michigan. Here’s some snowfall totals from West Michigan.

More totals:  Wayland 2.2″, Kalamazoo 1.6″, Hopkins 0.9″, Caledonia 0.5″.  There is still snow on the ground in parts of Upper Michigan.  Season snowfall stands at 81.3″ for Grand Rapids (6.4″ above average), 81.7″ for Kalamazoo (3.5″ above average) and 77.2″ for Muskegon (16.5″ below average).  Fremont still wins the season snow total race this winter with 95.7″. 

Here’s some snow reports from S. Wisconsin and N. Illnois – up to 6″ fell.  Check out the snow on the field at White Sox/Tigers game Sat

This is the Mt. Ripley Ski Area by Michigan Tech.  They still have snow.

This is a zoomed in satellite picture of the Keweenaw Peninsula.  You can see snow on the ground both noth and south of Houghton.

This is Boyne Mt. Sunday evening.  They wrapped up a great season this weekend.  Ski Brule near Iron River in the U.P. also was open this past weekend.  They opened on Nov. 9 – giving them a ski season of 169 days – that’s over 46% of the year.  Ski Brule is often the first to open and the last to close. 

There’s still some ice left on the Great Lakes, but we’re down to 2% coverage.  There’s a little left in Lake Superior, in the North Channel of Lake Huron and at the east wnd of Lake Erie.

Here’s the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Sunday PM – you can see a mixture of thin cirrus clouds coming in from the west and jet contrails.  The Saturday night snow had melted by the time this picture was taken at mid-afternoon. 

Here’s a record of late-season snowfalls in West Michigan.  The Saturday snowfall made it into 3rd place at Bloomingdale (Van Buren Co.) and 4th place at Kalamazoo.  You can see that we’ve had snow events all the way into the second week of May. 

Here’s another view of North American snow and ice cover.  This analysis was down after the snow across the S. Great Lakes had melted.  You can see there is still a lot of snow across Eastern Canada and in the higher Western Mountains.  Hudson Bay will likely have some ice on it into early July. 

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