February has been a cold and snowy month in the West.  The Los Angeles NWS sent out this tweet Tue. morning:  “With only 3 days to go, this will likely be the first February on record for Downtown Los Angeles that the high temperature will not reach 70 degrees since records have been kept going back to 1877. (141 years).  The average temp. in L.A. has had a day warmer than average since Jan. 30.  The month is now 5.4° colder than average.  It should be the coldest February in nearly 60 years.   January was also cooler than average in Los Angeles.

Phoenix AZ is 6.3° colder than average for Feb. and they went from Feb. 3 to Feb. 25 without reaching 70°.  Flagstaff AZ had 40″ of snow from a single storm, including 35.9″ in one day, beating their previous record single-day snowfall of 31.0″ in 1915. 

The pics. above are from www.lasvegasnow.com.  Las Vegas had snowfall on 5 days in February.  They went from Feb. 4 to 25 without reaching 60°.  Palm Springs CA had their 3rd wettest day ever with 3.69″ in one day.  We haven’t finished February and Palm Springs has also had more than their annual average rainfall.

Seattle has had 20.2″ of snow in February.  They are at the moment 6.9° colder than average for February and have not had a day warmer than 50° this month.  Portland OR is 5.6° colder than average this month and they have recorded 6.4″ of snow in February.  They have only had 1 day above average this month.

Check this out from Squaw Valley/Alpine Ski Areas in CA:  “We’ve officially broken our previous record for most snowfall in a month!(Current Feb total=286”) With a few more FEET forecast for this week, we’re excited to see just how much snow we can fit into the shortest month of the year.”


Snowfall in the mountains has been extraordinary.  Mammoth Mt. has had 198″ of snow in February. Squaw Valley is all the way up to 537″ for the winter.  In Washington state, Mt. Baker has had 114″ of snow this month.  Snowbird in Utah is up to 440″ of snow this winter.

Up north, Calgary, Alberta (Canada) is poised to have their coldest February in over 40 years.  February will be the 2nd coldest February ever in Billings, Montana2nd coldest Feb. ever in Huron SD