Smoke over Michigan

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Sunset Smokey over orchard at Steffen house, by Julie 8 13 18_1534243904125.jpg.jpg

This was the smoky sunset looking west from my house Monday evening.   The layer of smoke makes the sky a touch on the milky-white side rather than the usual blue. 

This is the Lake Michigan satellite pic. from Monday PM.  You can see the grayish smoke layer.  Beside the smoke, you can see cumulus clouds over the land, but not over the water, where the air is a little cooler and more uniform.  You don’t get the thermals rising over the water like you do over land.  The cumulus clouds are a touch under one mile above the ground. 

Here’s the Lake Superior satellite picture from Monday PM.  You can see more smoke.  The smoke is coming from wildfires in Canada. 

Here’s Lake Huron…same story…some grayish smoke over land-based cumulus clouds.  Check out this satellite loop of the whole country

The models have decreased the expected rainfall during the late Weds. – Thurs. time period.  The GFS and European have only about 1/4″ for G.R. – that’s probably  underdone – more rain south than north with this system. 

Finally, I grabbed this pic. from the Muskegon Channel (from NOAA Coastwatch).  This happy little spider came to wish all the blog readers a happy Tuesday!   We haven’t had much rain to wash the spider webs off some of our cameras.   On occasion we’ve had to move them up or down, left or right to get a clean shot. 

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