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The above Tuesday evening pic. is from the S. Haven Lighthouse. The camera is looking northwest and you can see the gray layer of smoke above the lake in the distance.

Muskegon Channel Camera Shortly Before Sunset Tuesday Evening

This is the view looking northwest from the Muskegon Channel Tuesday evening. You can see the smoke layer – from Western wildfires. The smoke is dimming the sunshine and in fact, the sun disappeared into the smoke before it reached the horizon.

Satellite picture shortly after noon on Tue. 8 3 21

Here’s the Lake Michigan satellite picture from shortly after noon on Tuesday. You can see the gray smoke layer oriented from southwest to northeast across Wisconsin and Northern Lower Michigan. Other than that, you can see scattered cumulus clouds over the land and clear skies over the cooler water of Lake Michigan.

Speaking of the lake, the water temperature at Holland at 6:54 am Tuesday was 59.0F – pretty cool (literally). However, the west wind blew warmer water back to shore and by 7:18 pm, the water temperature at Holland was up to 71.4. Then by 11:30 pm, it was back down to 66.2.

It was cooler near Lake Michigan. While the high temperature Tuesday was 81 at Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, it was just 72 at the beach in Muskegon. Temperatures will be a couple degrees warmer today (Wed.).

Tuesday was a very calm today. The average wind speed midnight-to-midnight in Grand Rapids was just 4 mph. In Battle Creek it was 2 mph and in Kalamazoo, it was just 1.5 mph.

There were a few scattered shower and t-showers north and east of Grand Rapids Tuesday PM and a sprinkle or two south of G.R. along the edge of the lake breeze. Rainfall amounts were generally light if you got any rain at all. . Mt. Pleasant got 0.32″, McBain 0.11″, Entrican 0.02″ and Belding just 0.01″.

There’s a slight chance of a PM/evening shower or t-shower – though probably not in the lakeshore counties and even inland any activity would be widely scattered. We’ll have a chance of a widely scattered t-shower again Friday and over the weekend. Like I keep saying…in an overall dry pattern – be grateful for the rain you get.

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