Siren Test in the Middle of a Thunderstorm?

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How to increase television ratings…Lesson 246:

So, I’m sitting at my computer at noon on Friday (8/6). There’s a thundershower in progress. Suddenly, the sirens start sounding. Instantly, I realize it’s the first Friday of the month (when we test the sirens)…and I know the weather parameters are not conducive to getting a tornado (yeah, I track the weather even on my days off)…but I really have to drop what I’m doing (answering facebook messages – I get boatloads of them). I go to several websites (NWS chat for local meteorologists),, radar, etc. I see that it’s not a tornado warning, just the siren test.

But…I’m wondering…how many people heard the siren sounding in the middle of a thunderstorm and raced to turn on their TV (or hopped on their phones) to find out what’s going on. That’s what I would have done if I was a regular person at home or at the office.

Got this message from the G.R. NWS: “Several counties did check in with us before their siren tests. We assured them there was no threat for severe weather with the storms moving through. They may have other considerations to take into account, such as trying to resolve suspected issues or confirming recent maintenance was successful before next month’s test.”

  • Here’s radar – I’ve had 0.31″ of welcome rain at my place as of early PM.
Beach Hazards Statement/Small Craft Advisory

The Beach Hazards Statement and Small Craft Advisory continues this afternoon for waves up to 5 feet. Most beaches are flying the red flags for no swimming. Water temps. Friday: Ludington 72, Grand Haven 72, Holland 70. Buoy temps Fri. early PM: Muskegon 70, Port Sheldon 73, S. Haven 73. The Reeds Lake water temperature is not available so far today.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Fri. PM 8/6

Here’s the Friday PM Severe Weather Outlook Map. They have a Marginal (or Low) Risk of an isolated wind damage report for far SW Lower Michigan – also for NW Indiana, NE Illinois an SE Wisconsin. They say: “…a couple of loosely organized storm clusters this afternoon, with the potential to produce isolated damaging outflow gusts and large hail from southern WI/northern IL into southwest Lower MI.”

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