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The picture above is from the Muskegon Beach. There’s a line of pink right at the horizon and another a little above the horizon. Here at the Muskegon Beach, the temp. was 57° at 1 pm, then shot up to 66° at 2 pm when the wind came off the land for a short time, then back down to 59.5° at 3 pm when the wind turned back off the water. Inland, Grand Rapids climbed to 80°. The average wind speed in Kalamazoo on Wed. was just 3.0 mph. It was 4.0 mph at both Muskegon and Holland…4.7 mph for Battle Creek and 5.4 mph for Grand Rapids…so that’s an average of 4.1 mph over 48 hours for Gr. Rapids – pretty calm period.

Rainfall in the 51 days since May 1

In the 51 days since May 1, Grand Rapids has had measurable rain on 28 of those days (55% of the days). We’ve had a trace of rain on 8 days and only 15 days (29%) of the days have been dry. Since Jan. 1, Grand Rapids has had 20.83″ of precipitation (thru midnight) and that’s 4.82″ above average. Muskegon has had 21.35″ of precipitation and that’s 7.41″ above average.

Rainfall Wed. 6 19 19

Here’s rainfall totals for Wednesday. A second observer near Constantine had nearly 3″ of rain Wed.

Here’s current radar:
Click for latest Base Reflectivity radar loop from the Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI radar and current weather warnings

and regional radar:

Central Great Lakes sector
Flash Flood Watch

A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for the counties that border Indiana plus Hillsdale County. The Watch includes N. Indiana and NW Ohio. Rainfall amounts over 3″ were recorded in Indiana Wed. Six counties have been under a Flood Advisory: Kalamazoo, Barry, Eaton Calhoun, Ingham and Jackson. Here’s the Severe Weather Outlook Area for today (Thu.)

Severe Weather Outlook Area for Wed. from the Storm Prediction Center

No thunderstorms expected in Michigan. That’s a big Slight/Enhanced Risk Area on the East Coast. Here’s the Outlook Area for Friday:

Severe Weather Outlook Area for Friday/Friday night 6/21/19

Don’t let this map fool you. West Michigan is in the General T-Storm Risk Area (not severe ), but we’ll be mostly sunny Friday. Any isolated t-storm would be late Friday night (Saturday AM) – these maps run to 7 am the next day. There will be severe weather to our west…large Slight Risk Area from the Plains to Illinois.

Storm Reports from Wed. 6 19 19

Here’s storm reports from Weds. – 6 tornadoes, 162 wind damage reports, including one fatality in MS where a tree fell on a mobile home. There were 89 severe hail reports up to baseball=size.

High temperatures from Weds. 6 19 19

Here’s high temperatures from Wed. across the U.S. The warmest spots (as it usually is in summer) was Death Valley CA (282 ft. below sea level) with a high of 118°. The coolest was Pikes Peak CO with a low of 25° I believe this is the first time that Grand Rapids hasn’t been above 82° before the Summer Solstice (which is Fri. at 11:54 am).

Also: GIGANTIC hail in Arkansas. Slo-mo lightning in Germany. Severe flooding in Serbia. Check out Air Force One. Nice Lightning pics. Winds up to 85 mph. Croatian cumulonimbus. Noctilucent clouds. Swarmageddon! Gust to 66 mph at the Memphis Airport. Ka-BOOM! More Slo-mo lightning. Large hail in Italy. Severe winds in France. Rainbow. Rain shaft (not a tornado). 60+ mph winds left over 100,000 without power in southern Arkansas. Turkey twister. Flooding in Romania. Translate...beautifully tormented. Hailstorm in Belgium. Really close lightning. Hail + flood in Italy. Lightning by Devils Tower in Wyoming. What a mess. More on the Lake Michigan water level. Smoke-devil. Crepuscular rays. Sunset on Sand Mt. Slo-Mo CLOSE lightning. Cool mammatus. 15-foot python on the loose! Cumulonimbus. Big hail in Texas. There are currently no active tropical storms in the world. Flooded railroad tracks in Hungary. Flood in Romania. Huge hail in Italy. Amazing Kelvin – Helmholtz wave clouds. Tornado in Denmark. Lightning in France. Noctilucent clouds in the Netherlands. Waterspout in Turkey. Pic. of biggest hailstone ever. Huge hail in France.

From the NWS: How fast does hail fall? We only have estimates about the speed hail falls. One estimate is that a small hailstone roughly 1/2″ in diameter falls at about 20 mph…while baseball to softball sized stones can reach speeds near a major league fastball-100 mph.

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