See the International Space Station (maybe)

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international_space_station_after_undocking NASA 110816_259450

There’s a nice flyover of the International Space Station this evening. It’s at 9:24 pm, an early enough time that the kids may still be up. Sunset for G.R. is 8:59 pm, so we’re toward the end of Civil Twilight (which is 9:30 pm). It’ll be dark enough to see. You want to look toward the WNW about halfway up the sky…that’s where the ISS will first appear. It’ll come up to 69° above the horizon, which is pretty high. At solar noon today, the sun is 62° above the southern horizon. It’ll continue moving toward the SE horizon, disappearing 11° above the horizon.

Now, I put a “maybe” in the headline because clouds may be an issue in some areas. But, even if it’s partly cloudy, you still should get a glimpse of it passing by. Let’s hope for the best.

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