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The above graphic is from the N. Indiana NWS. We’re still a couple days out and the WSW to ENE bands may move up and down a little bit, but I think this is a good forecast for the Saturday snow event. This will not be a blizzard, but it will be a significant snowfall (and this should be all snow for most all of Southern and Central Lower Michigan).

Day 1 – 5 Precipitation Forecast

This is the updated precipitation forecast for days 1-5, which for Lower Michigan is mostly all Saturday PM/night. You can see amounts of around 1/10″ – 1/4″ precipitation up toward US 10 (Ludington to Reed City) which would be a 1-3″ snowfall – to around or a little less than 1/2″ for Grand Rapids (3-6″) to a little over 1/2″ toward I-94 and the Indiana border (6-7″). With the snow coming on Saturday, plows will clean it up on Sunday and I would assume that schools that are scheduled to be back in session on Monday will be back in session. Wind will not be strong enough (10-15 mph) to cause blowing snow. There may be a little drifting but not much.

The weather looks pretty tranquil today and Friday and again early next week. We’ll be in the 30s today and low 40s tomorrow PM – so the snow that’s out there now is pretty much going to be gone before the Saturday PM snow arrives. We’ll probably get some lingering lake-effect snow showers on Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday look pretty quiet. Temperatures look cool for Saturday – Monday and then the cold starts to ease back a bit.

National Weather Service Graphic on the Weekend Storm
Grand Rapids National Weather Service Graphic on the Saturday storm
Severe Weather Outlook Map for Saturday 1/1

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Map for Saturday PM/night. There is a large Slight Risk Area from far east Texas to western North Carolina.

Excessive Rainfall Graphic for Saturday

There could be isolated areas from Arkansas to West Virginia that pick up 2 -4″ of rain between Friday night and Sunday morning.

Storm Reports from Wednesday 12 29 21

Here’s storm reports for Wed. PM/night. There were several tornadoes, including a tornado that touched down in Winfield, Alabama.

Damage from Likely Tornado in Winfield AL – pic. from Michael Parr and cbs42

Good thing no one was driving this car when a likely tornado sent this board crashing through a windshield in Winfield MS. More pictures of tornado damage here.

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook

These 8-14 Day Outlooks have done an acceptable job of late and here’s the latest, showing a good chance that temperatures will be a little colder than average for the period from January 6-12. Snow on the ground often brings a few degrees of cooling and that should be the case here next week with snow on the ground. Looks warm for vacationers in Florida.

Swiss Valley Ski Area will be open today (Thu.). Bittersweet should be open. Timber Ridge and Cannonsburg are making snow when they can… same for Mulligan’s Hollow. Check their facebook pages for the latest. Here’s the latest Michigan ski conditions.

ALSO: This mysterious Tahoe cabin has been tracking snowfall since 1878. Yes, there is a Little Hollandwith a windmill. London, England has had 12 minutes of sunshine in the last 16 days. A winter lightning show. Cold pattern continues for the Pacific NW. Damage in Rainsville, AL. More heavy snow for Alaska. It rained fish? Brief video of Bainbridge tornado. As of Dec. 28, Seattle has accumulated 4.9 inches of snow, 2.9 times its normal December amount, while Portland has totaled 3.6 inches, 2.8 times its December average. Flooding in Brazil – it’s summer there. 7.3 magnitude e-quake north of Australia. We’re about due for a significant e-quake in the U.S. Ship tracks. Snow in Montana.

Climate Graph for 2021 for Fairbanks, Alaska

This is interesting…it’s a record of the high and low temperature each day in 2021 for Fairbanks, Alaska. January started warm, then it was cold for February and March…November was cold and look how the temperature has bounced up and down in December…from 41 above zero to 40 below zero F. If you add up December 1-29, the average temperature has been +1.7 degrees F and that is EXACTLY average for Dec. 1-29! Fairbanks has also recorded 49.5″ of snow this month and they have 32″ of snow on the ground – a lot for them.

Snowplows in SW Michigan – DOT pic.

From ‘Gordie Plowe’ to ‘Alice Scooper,’ MDOT names all 330 of Michigan’s snow plows.

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