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High Pressure brought mostly clear skies to the Great Lakes Friday PM.  Here’s some satellite views of each of the Great Lakes.  The top pic. is Lake Superior, which is now 95% ice-covered.  Marquette (airport) had an average low temperature of +1.3° in the month of February and the average (yes, AVERAGE) low temperature at Marquette for the first week of March was -10.6°.  Marquette also got 89.9″ of snow in February, including not one but TWO days that they recorded 16″ of snow from midnight-to-midnight (the 12th and the 24th).  They started Feb. with 22″ of snow on the ground and built that to a high of 53″ on the 25th…they still have 47″ on the ground.  Today (Sat.) is the 25th day in a row that they have had at least 43″ of snow on the ground.

Here’s the Lake Michigan satellite picture.  There were a few clouds.  Wisconsin had snow on the ground.  The snow cover stops near the Indiana border.  Traverse Bay is solid ice-covered as are all the deep inland lakes (Torch Lake in MI and Green Lake in WI).  It’s harder to pick out rivers.  They are ice-covered, too.  Forest areas are a little carker (Newaygo/Lake Co. north and in the U.P. 

Here’s the Lake Huron satellite picture.  Note the snow covered ice in Saginaw Bay and the North Channel.  The St. Clair River is open water flowing out of Lake Huron. 

Here’s the Lake Erie satellite picture.  Lots of ice, but you couldn’t walk across the lake.  Lake Erie is the southernmost Great Lake, but often the Great Lake with the most ice cover, because it’s the shallowest of the Great Lakes (average depth 62 feet – deepest point 210 feet).  The first week of March was 12.6° colder than average in Cleveland. 

Here’s Lake Ontario, which is still mostly open water.  Lake Ontario is roughly 4 times deeper than Lake Erie.  The two deep Finger Lakes south of Ontario are still ice free.  Seneca Lake (the lake on the left) is the 10th deepest natural lake in the contiguous U.S. at 618 feet.  The bottom of the lake is 173 feet below sea level. 

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