Road Trip to Tennessee – Day 4 – Saturday

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I’m a day behind…here’s a summary of Saturday – the day of the big family and friend party – about 40 people at my sister’s house Sat. PM/evening. The pic. above is when most of the crowd gathered in the living room. Look how happy my mother is in this pic.

My day started with breakfast at the motel. Then we drove to pick up mom at the retirement home. We headed to my sister’s to get ready for the big party.

Food for the Party

My sister was getting the last of the supplies and we each had tasks to accomplish. Here’s part of the food. Mom’s “favorite” food is bananas (she always says “eat a banana a day” – for potassium, etc.

Family pic. – Bill, Mom (Louise), Dave (brother), Ann (sister)

Here’s me, mom, my brother Dave and my sister Ann. Time for a pic. while we are preppin’ for the party.

Mom’s Birthday Cake

We had two big carrot cakes from Sam’s Club (her favorite).

Mom opening some birthday cards – outside before the crowd came

Here’s mom opening cards that came in the mail. THANKS so much to everyone who sent a card. She has received well over 100 cards (maybe closer to 200). She read and is saving every one. We had a lot of cards from Michigan…but also at least a dozen other states and several foreign counties.

Another pic. of mom with some of her birthday cards

Hanging birthday cards on blinds

We hung the cards from the blinds on the windows and scattered others around the first floor.

We set up cornhole and other games in the backyward…note the sun is shining

There were games to play…here’s mom and I playing cornhole…I let her get just a little bit closer.

part of the crowd in the living room

This is part of the crowd in the living room. We played “mom trivia” and winners got a “Top Banana” award (a little trophy) or a banana key chain. We also were entertained by the “bell lady” – a music therapist who works with seniors, kids and others. She passed out bells and pointed to use when we were supposed to play our bell. Great fun.

Some people under an awning at mom’s party

This was a borrowed awning. We had a couple of these set up to keep people in the shade. Unfortunately, late that evening this poor awning met it’s demise in a thundershower that moved in. We had heavy rain that collapsed the awning. This is the “dog days” of summer – The dog on the left is Matt and Emily’s (granddaughter) and the dog on the right is Reba – my sister’s dog. She volunteers at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter…she’s currently down to 1 dog and (I think) four cats…or is it five..

Mom with daughter #2

A few pics. of people at the party…here’s mom with Daughter #2.

Mom with Gene

This is Gene – a retired Civil Engineer from the Oak Ridge Laboratory, who was a golfing partner of my sister’s late husband.

Mom with Lorraine from Melbourne, Australia
Mom, grandson Andrew, granddaughter Emily, Matt, the dog, and sister-in-law Patti
Mom, me and a neighbor
pic. of my mother when she was a teenager

This is a pic. of my mother when she was a teenager, around 1935.

Flowers and balloons at the party

Here’s some flowers and balloons at the party

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