Road Trip to Tennessee – Day 1

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Road Trip! Gayle and I are headed to Tennessee for my mother’s 100th birthday. Her big day is Friday, but events are scheduled for Friday thru Sunday. We left G.R. around 12:30 pm…headed south on US 131 to I-94, then east to pick up I-69. We thought about going to the Eaton Co. Fair on the way, but decided we’d better use the time to drive. I feel sorry for the farmers…many fields idle this year due to the cloudy, wet and cool spring. Fields that are planted are behind schedule.

Rest stop on I-69 near Fort Wayne IN

This rest stop near Fort Wayne IN is getting a make-over. Hey, no problem! There’s a couple of porta-potties. When we pulled into the rest stop, the car thermometer (which is pretty accurate) had 94 degrees. The high temp. at Fort Wayne was 95 and at 6 pm, Fort Wayne had a temp of 94, a dewpoint of 71 and a heat index of 101. That was OUTSIDE the porta potty. INSIDE the porta-potty there was enough heat to destroy an entire polar vortex in less than a minute. On the positive side…no insect, bacteria or virus could have possibly survived in there for more than a few seconds. For you chemists…I’d say it was almost hot enough to melt tungsten.

No rain on the way down…but I did snap this pic. of a heavy cumulus cloud. It was a pretty day with blue sky, a varying green landscape, the white clouds and just a hint of smoke in the sky. There were several slowdowns due to road construction, but they were relatively brief. We stopped at an Arby’s for a sandwich…I had a coupon AND I get the senior citizen discount. The lady behind me in line said she was in a hurry, so I let her go in front of me. We saw one accident…the police had just got to the scene…didn’t look like anyone was hurt.

Sunset on the road in Central Kentucky

We found a motel…happened to land at Lexington and…well…it’s the start of Breyerfest here…so the motels are pretty booked up. We did find a room…complete with a dripping shower and a centipede-like bug (alive) next to the Gideon Bible in the drawer. The room next door was vacant because someone had kicked the door in. The lobby featured a verbal fight between a young couple. The clerk asked the woman if she’d like her to call the police. I sure can pick ’em.

When I was a kid…a motel room had a queen-sized bed and a small bathroom. Today, a motel room has a giant flat-screen TV, coffee maker, microwave, fridge, iron and ironing board, several kinds of soap and lots of pillows…like 4 per bed. You get a huge breakfast – carb. city – and since it’s free, you pig-out like you just landed on shore after crossing the Pacific Ocean. Coffee in the lobby 24/7, mints and sometimes cookies. Breakfast is from 5:30 am to 9 am. 5:30 am? I’m on vacation…I’ll stumble down at 8:30 or 8:45, maybe.

Went to the Cracker Barrel for dinner. They have that little game with golf tees…you try and jump them so that you have only one left in the front of the wooden triangle at the end. This is a great game for old guys like me…because we forget how it’s done…so every time we eat here, we have to start over. By the way, our dinners came REALLY fast…and I got some chocolate-covered almonds to munch on while I work here on the computer in the hotel room.

Tomorrow, we head thru the rest of Kentucky and halfway thru Tennessee to Oak Ridge. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. My brother – the guitar guy from Chicago…lined up a gig for himself in Oak Ridge, so we’ll go to hear him play. Saturday is the big party. I’ll take pics. and may do a facebook live. Have an awesome day everyone!

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