Road Trip – Day 5 – Sunday

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Many of the guests who came in for the Saturday party departed Sunday morning. Some left by car and some headed to the airport at Knoxville. The gang from Traverse City was flying Knoxville to LaGuardia (NYC) to Traverse City. Those who were left went to church. The church was full. For the summer, they combined the 10 pm and noon services, since fewer people come to the noon service in the warmer months. The sermon was on the Good Samaritan and after the service, the youth group put on a traditional Irish breakfast for everyone.

Thundershower approaching – wind picking up

The day ended with thundershowers and the pic. up top shows a thunderstorm (cumulonimbus) on the left and the cross of St. Mary’s Church on the right. There was a diminishing thundershower overhead to the south that had just put out it’s last flash of lightning. These airmass t-storms form in the heat of the afternoon, then diminish as the air cools due to the rain and the cooling at sunset. With very light winds at the surface and aloft, there was very little wind with the storms, but a period of moderate to heavy rain. Oak Ridge had 0.69″ of rain Saturday evening (after 8 pm) and then another 0.57″ on Sunday.

Moderate rain falling, wind calm, occasioi

This was the creek by my mother’s house Sunday evening. It was not only as high as I have ever seen it, it was also flowing very fast. Usually, you would have no problem jumping over the little streamlet.

Lake Melton Sunday PM

Before the thundershower, we got a walk in at Lake Melton. Note the pretty pink flowers, the calm lake (with fog trying to form on the lake in this very humid air, the bright blue sky and the mix of scattered both high and low clouds.

Mom at Lake Melton

Here’s mom after our relatively short walk. They have a large gazebo/shelter at the park and a nice playground for the kids. The walking path at the lake goes on for miles and has a steady stream of walkers, joggers, dog walkers, scooters, bicycles, tricycles. I would say over half of the people (and pretty much all of the dogs) say “hi” while you are passing by.

Boat going by on the lake

Here’s a boat speeding by…most boats go slow…there are the rowers – Lake Melton is a very popular place for rowing. They rent kayaks, rowboats, paddle boats and small boats with motors – mainly for those fishing. There are still a few trains a day that pass by on the tracks on the other side of the lake.

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