Road Trip Day 6

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This is my mother opening some of the birthday cards she has received. We spent two hours opening the cards. She read every one aloud. I explained where each town/city was relative to Grand Rapids and if I personally knew the sender. I haven’t counted the total number of cards, but it’s well over 200 and probably closer to 300. She is saving every card, so she can read through them again. A couple things that were interesting. There are hardly any duplicate cards. The vast majority are all unique. I was also impressed with how legible the writing was in the cards. So many of you have perfect or near perfect penmanship.

Creek by my mother’s house

I lost my internet connection yesterday and never added this picture – so here it is with what I wrote: This was the creek by my mother’s house Sunday evening. It was not only as high as I have ever seen it, it was also flowing very fast. Usually, you would have no problem jumping over the little streamlet. I could have almost taken the kayak from here down to Lake Melton with it flowing this fast.

“Wave clouds in Oak Ridge TN on Monday 7/15/19

Monday was mostly cloudy…with breaks in the clouds and a few partly cloudy times. These were clouds from Tropical Depression “Barry”. This is an interesting shot with “wave clouds”. You can also see the wind vane on the left and the flag showing a calm wind. I’ve mentioned before that out of over 250 weather stations in the U.S., Oak Ridge TN had the lightest average wind. It has mountains all around it and they tend to keep the wind in check most of the time.

Pretty flowers and blossoming trees

They have many different flowers and blossoming trees. In the evening, after mom went back to the retirement home, I took about a 4-mile walk along Lake Melton and came across these roses. The blossoming trees had blossoms of white, pink, lavender and purple. I saw one tree that was a mix of white and pink flowers.

White flowers at Lake Melton

Here’s some white flowers at Lake Melton. I was impressed with the thick green cover in forested areas. The little sunlight had reaches the forest floor is enough for a wide variety of ferns, grasses and other plants. There were places where the green kudzu has taken over, covering everything.

This pole is here why?

On my walk I passed this tall pole. It had spikes – someone could climb to the top. There was one guy wire to hold the pole in place…but, no other wires were attached to it. Is it somehow there for the rowing competitions on the lake? Is it a relic of the past, when it had lifted utility wires? A mystery…

Old Railroad track

Speaking of relics of the past, I came across this old railroad track. I would have missed it except for the rail that you can see center-right in the pic. Looking forward and behind me…you could see that at one time, there was a railroad there. It’s been long abandoned with overgrown for many years. It was probably used in the years during and shortly after WWII. By the way, this is the ultimate science city. They have a Centrifuge Avenue and a Street. A number of streets are named for different states.

Cool pic. of the full moon rising above the evening fog on Lake Melton

This is a cool pic. You really had to be there. This is the full moon rising above Lake Melton in the evening. The air is very humid and as the air starts to cool, it sinks to the lowest spot – which is the river. The air condenses out and with light to calm winds, we’ve had fog along the river each night.

Now this was really cool…a fog wave

Check out the pic. above. This was a “fog wave”. It was amazing to watch. I spotted the wave well to the south of us…this “wave” of fog rising perhaps 10 feet above the general fog layer. The fog wave was moving from south to north at about 1 mph. I could walk faster than the fog wave was moving. It moved right past me to the north. I had never seen something like this before.

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