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Gayle and I are on another road trip.  I have off this week and next so we headed south.  This is our 5th trip to Tennessee in the last 5 months.  We’ll end at my mother’s retirement home in Oak Ridge TN, but decided to take the long way to get there. 

We intended to leave in the late morning (I usually sleep from about 4 am to 11 am, except when I’m on radio, but both of us were awake early, so we decided to leave early at 6 am.  We drove down I-196 and then US 31 into N. Indiana.  The weather was light to very light snow.  We saw a dozen trucks treating the roads that we were on.  The green, flashing lights are easy to see and motorists were slowing down and moving aside where possible.  Traffic was moving at slightly less than posted speeds and there were no slide-offs, no accidents, no slow-downs. 

I noted it was totally dark until 7:12 am.  During these short days from now until early February, watch for kids out walking to school or waiting for the school bus in the dark.  BTW – I checked with GasBuddy and saw that gas was cheaper in Michigan ($1.98 at Sam’s Club on Alpine) than in Indiana…filled up and saved some $$.  Same thing here in TN – saw gas as high as 2.73 and drove on to station at $2.29 in Nashville.  On I-196 I passed four Meijer trucks. 

Lots of pretty Christmas lights up already.  A shout out to a large tree with mostly green lights just north of I-196 near 60th in Ottawa Co. 

OH – I wish had a picture.  Someone was putting a boat into the water (or taking it out!) at the boat ramp next to I-196 on the Kalamazoo River.  My car thermometer said 23 degrees! 

On US 31 in N. Indiana there is a sign noting the North-South Continental Divide.  Water to the north of the purple line on the map drain to the ocean out the St. Lawrence Seaway (all of Michigan).  Waters to the south of that line drain into the Gulf of Mexico.  Note the Western Continental Divide and the “holes” or basins in Nevada/California/W. Utah….in Wyoming…in far SW New Mexico…and in Mexico. 

This evening we ended up in Franklin TN – had dinner at the Shoney’s next to the motel…nice Christmas music playing in the background…good service, good food.  Oh, and a shoutout to the McDonald’s in Argos, Indiana – incredibly quick service (I got a yogurt parfait and a large coffee). 

Temperature was 23° when we left G.R. – got as high as 53° in S. Kentucky, back down to 47° as a few showers and drizzle moved in here in Franklin.  Small ponds were frozen down to near Indianapolis.  All the way down into KY we saw iced over tiny waterfalls in the rock cuts by the road.  Much of the corn was harvested, but a few fields were not and the deer will love that if the corn stands all winter.  We saw 3 live deer at the start of the Natchez Trace, but I bet we saw a dozen deer that had been hit by vehicles…watch out for them…they are still moving around at this time of year. 

Finally, a picture of Rosie the cat.  This was my mother’s cat – the stray cat that had been hit by a vehicle and they had to amputate her tail.  When my mother moved to the retirement home, we drove to TN, got the cat and took her back to MI – where she now lives with daughter #3.  Rosie is the sweetest cat – always wants to be next to you, purrs a lot.  She’s doing well.  Enjoy your Friday, everyone – thanks for reading my blog. 

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