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Gayle and I are traveling to Tennessee to see my mother and sister.  I have off Friday and Saturday this week and then Sunday and Monday next week (working Tue. thru Sat.  So, I took a day of vacation Thursday to make it a 5-day trip.  I’m typing this at 2:30 am from a motel room ($49 with a coupon we got at the rest area)…nice room, one burned out light bulb. 

We left the cooler air of Michigan (it was 66 when we left) and headed down I-96 to M-50. We passed a few farms where they had already harvested corn.  We like to go thru Charlotte…gas is usually cheap here – it was $2.63 on Thurs.  They were getting set up for Frontier Days around the Courthouse and the Fairgrounds.  Temperatures held in the upper 60s into Branch Co., then low 70s in NE Indiana.  The temperature jumped to 82 as we got to Fort Wayne (hello cool front).  We stopped at a rest area that had dozens (maybe a hundred of them in the men’s room) of flies. 

As we started down I-75 – I took the above pic. of a rain shaft straight ahead.  About 5 miles down the road, we hit a shower (no lightning) that was so heavy we (and others) had to pull off the road.  It rained on and off (mostly light) all the way into KY.  There was backups from road construction, from a couple accidents and from seemingly nothing, so that slowed us down.  There is always road construction around Cincinnati. We packed snacks for the car.  We made it to Richmond KY and got a room for the night.  We had dinner at the Cracker Barrel next door.  At this hour they are setting up for breakfast here at the motel.  They have a giant box of bananas out right now…probably enough so everyone here could have 3 or 4 of them.  The highest temp. on the car thermometer was 87 right before we hit the heavy rain in Ohio.  I think car thermometers are awesome! 

Look close and you’ll see a couple of thunderstorms (cumulonimbus) in this pic. I took from the car.  A lead story on the news here was lightning hitting a tree and the tree falling on a house.  There was also some flash flooding.  I watched the NFL game and then the local news on the NBC affiliate.  I thought they did a very nice job.

This is the 2nd of what should be 3 trips to Tennessee to see my 99-year-old mother and my sister (who has a new dog to replace Sassy, who passed away earlier this summer – she had that dog vor 16 years).  We’ll come down again after Thanksgiving.  Mom is doing as well as a 99-year-old can be  expected to do.  I wrote before about her cat.  She didn’t want a cat because she was afraid she would step on its tail.  Well, lo and behold, the local Animal Shelter got a stray cat that had been hit by a car and had lost its tail.  So, last year she took the cat and it’s been a wonderful companion for mom.  Rosie is so sweet – sits on her lap while she reads – followers her from room to room.

We’ll get to Tennessee later today, stay over the weekend and then head back to MI.  We’ll take mom down to walk on the path at Lake Melton, we’ll take her to church on Sunday and out to eat.  It’ll be a nice visit.  More later. 

I see it was cool in MI – the high was 74 in G.R., 72 in Battle Creek, Jackson and Muskegon, 70 at Big Rapids and 69 at Alma.  In the U.P. the high was just 61 at Grand Marais, 63 at Marquette and 65 at Newberry.  G.R. should be dry today and Sat. (shower  poss. Sat. mainly south of I-94 in the PM.  Chance of a shower Sun. and Sun. night.  Looks mostly sunny and warm for  the middle of next week as Hurricane Florence sits off or along the East Coast and pumps up a ridge over the Great Lakes. 

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