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Marquette continues to set records for heavy precipitation.  As you can see above, Marquette had the 6th wettest summer in 2018, then the 4th wettest fall, the 4th wettest winter and now the 4th wettest spring (and we’ll likely move up on that list before spring is over). 

Marquette had record daily rainfall on both Saturday (2.46″) and Sunday (1.45″).  Their 3-day total was 4.26″.  For the month, Marquette is up to 7.26″ which is 5.4″ above average.  For the calendar year 2019, Marquette is 9.4″ above average. 

This is Mt. Ripley near Houghton MI – this is a pic. from the webcam there (from Michigan Tech) and they still have some patchy snow on Monday (May 20).  Marquette actually had 1/10th inch of snow over the weekend.  The high temperature of 37 on Sunday at Marquette was 26 degrees colder than average.  So far, the month of May has been averaging 7.6 deg. cooler than average in Marquette.

Marquette sent out this tweet…the computer checking to make sure the value entered was correct. 

Duluth has had 13.3″ of snow this month and they woke up on May 9 with 9″ of snow on the ground.  Here’s video of snow in NW Wisconsin on Sunday 5/19/19

The heavy rain flows into Lake Superior – adding to the high lake level.  Water then flows from Lake Superior into Lake Michigan/Huron through the St. Mary’s River.  This will act to keep the lake levels high through the rest of 2019 and probably beyond. 

Speaking of snow and cold, check out the Winter Storm Warnings (in pink) for the Colorado Rockies (Winter Weather Advisories in purple).  Up to 18″ of snow is expected in the mountains.  I-70 was closed west of Denver because of multiple accidents involving multiple vehicles

Here’s a look at the snow piling up from FOX21 in Colorado Springs.  Here’s more pics. of the Colorado snow

The Colorado Dept. of Trans. put this pic. on their facebook page…snow west of Denver on Monday. 

This is the Utqiaġvik, Alaska (Barrow) webcam at 1:49 am EDT – this is the land of the midnight sun in summer.  They won’t see a sunset again in Barrow until the first week of August.  Of course, it’s cloudy much of the time.  On Monday, they had a high temperture of 33 and a low of 29.  The Barrow Airport still has 6″ of snow on the ground (as does Kotzebue AK). 

The highest temperature in the U.S. on Monday was 109 at Rio Grande Village, Texas (someone ought to check that thermometer, because they are consistently higher – significantly higher sometimes – than surrounding weather stations.  The coolest spot was 13 at Chepeta, Utah  

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