Really Low Clouds

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mackinac bridge with elevated fog 5 2 19_1556852882630.jpg.jpg

The top picture is the Mackinac Bridge Thursday.  Note the low clouds.  The road rises to 200 feet off the water and that’s about where the cloud base was located.

This picture of downtown Chicago from Thursday afternoon was taken from the water intake, about 2.75 miles east of downtown.  I looked at a loop of pictures and you could see the cloud base moving up and down.  It was a pretty sharp cutoff with clouds/thick fog above about the 12th floor. 

A cloud at the ground is called fog, of course. 

Speaking of the Mackinac Bridge…the bridge will be closing for a brief time between midnight and 3 am Friday night so two scaffolds can be raised for bridge painters.  These are the same scaffolds that were raised in 2017 and 2018.  Because of the painting, there may be periodic lane closures on the bridge. 

Construction on the Bridge started in May 1954.  The bridge was opened to traffic on Nov. 1, 1957.  The sole source of funding for the bridge is tolls collected from those traveling over the bridge.  All revenue is used to maintain, operate and protect the bridge. 

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