Rare Thunderstorm in Lima, Peru

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A very rare thunderstorm occurred in Lima Peru Monday AM (5/24). Here’s video of the storm. It was reported to be the first thunderstorm in Lima since 1960! Peru’s Dept. of Meteorology released this statement on the storm. The statement said in part: “…the Civil Defense authorities recommend staying calm, staying inside the houses and avoiding the use of cellular or electronic equipment. SENAMHI remains vigilant in the event of a possible repetition of these events in the coming days and will continue to report on the evolution of meteorological conditions, in order to develop preventive actions against these phenomena.”

If it’s true that this is the first t-storm in Lima since 1960, that means that residents who are 60 years old may never have seen lightning before!

Lima is the 2nd biggest city in S. America (by city limits) next to Sao Paulo. The city is on the Pacific Ocean, but the elevation rises to over 5,000 feet on the east side of the city. It has a very mild climate. The average high temperature over the year is 72.5° and the average low temperature is 63.0°. The hottest it’s ever been was 92° and the coldest just 46.4°. They average only 6.8″ of rain each year. It hardly ever rains. Annual rainfall across the city is 0.4″ to 2.4″ and often occurs as drizzle in the winter. The ocean water temperature is usually around 65°, but did rise to 79° during the 1998 super El Nino. Water for the city comes from wells and from rives that flow west out of the Andes Mountains.

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