If I asked you which state had a Flash Flood Warning, a Winter Storm Warning, a Flash Flood Watch, a Winter Weather Advisory, a Flood Advisory, a Beach Hazards Statement, a Special Weather Statement and a Hazardous Weather Outlook – all at the same time – would you have guessed Arizona?

Some pretty heavy rain has fallen in the Desert Southwest. This was the first significant rain in S.California since May. Here are some rainfall totals:

Yuma only gets a little over 4″ of rain per year. Nearly an inch fell at Needles – a hot spot in the desert – and that’s about 20% of their average annual rainfall. Phoenix AZ had 0.63″ There was also measurable rain in Las Vegas NV.

Here’s a pic. of a tree that is on fire, after being struck by lightning. There were dozens of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, a few resulting in power outages

Tree knocked over from thunderstorm winds in S. California 11 20 19

Some thunderstorms produced strong winds. Gusts hit 44 pm at Phoenix AZ, 46 mph at Escondido CA (plus they also had small hail and 1.4″ of rain) and 47 mph at Del Mar CA.

Car flipped over – accident that occurred in the heavy rain

Heavy rain in S. California and Arizona caused local flooding. More than a dozen roads were closed due to flooding and there were accidents that occurred during the heavy rain

Flooded street near San Diego 11 20 19

There were several reports of blowing dust as the thunderstorms moved across the area. Snow fell in the higher elevations of AZ and CA. Lake Arrowhead CA reported about 3″ of new snow. Half-inch diameter hail fell at Yorba Linda CA, with pea-sized hail at New River, Peoria, Hemet and Tolleson CA. Pics from Fox 5 in San Diego and the National Weather Service.

Graph of Weather Threats in Arizona

Here’s a graph of weather threats in the Phoenix Area…the threat of significant snow is north and northeast of the Phoenix area. The NWS is starting to use these threat maps to show the impacts from storms and storm systems.

Weather threats for SE California and SW Arizona

The flood threat is higher as you go west of the Phoenix area into far SW Arizona and SE California. Here’s Phoenix radar:

Click for latest Composite Reflectivity radar image from the Phoenix, AZ radar and current weather warnings

And Regional Radar:

Southern Rockies sector loop

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Also: Arizona Water – There’s reason to be optimistic. The Snowbowl Ski Area in Arizona is going to open on Friday. Speaking of snow…check out the spider web someone made in the snow in Cleveland.