President Trump Names Meteorologist as White House Science Advisor

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Presient Trump has named Dr. Kelvin K. Droegemeier as Chief White House Science Advisory.  Dr. Droegemeier is the first meteorologist to be name Chief Science Advisor.  He still has to be confirmed by the Senate.  If/when that happens, Dr. Droegemeier would be the first non-physicist to take over the position.  John Holdren, who held the position for 8 years during the Obama Administration said:  ““I think he is a very solid choice,”   He’s an expert on extreme-weather events.  ‘Dr. Droegemeier has been the vice-president for research at the University of Oklahoma in Norman since 2009.  He has also served on the National Science Board (NSB), which oversees the National Science Foundation, under presidents Obama and George W. Bush.  Dr. Roger Pielke, a scientist at the University of Colorado said, “He combines a lot of qualities in somebody you’d like to see in public service,”   Pielke has studied the history of US science advisors and he worked with Droegemeier in the 1990s and early 2000s. “He is, in the most positive way, a nerdy meteorologist who loved working on weather technology. And he also has a knack for administration.”  Dr. Neal Lane, science adviser to president Bill Clinton, says the position is always a tough one. “Given the circumstances, I can’t think of anybody who would do a better job,” he adds.

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